Broadway Wine Company December blog - christmas spirits

It’s that time of year again where we’re all starting to get festive and find ways to get into the Christmas spirit. From putting up our Christmas trees to covering everything in tinsel and sparkly lights, there are many ways to get into the mood. We think, and we’re sure you’ll agree, that a good way to enjoy all of our festive efforts is to relax with a glass of the good stuff. That’s why we’ve put together some suggestions to help you get into the Christmas ‘spirit’.


Cotswold Dry Gin

Cotswold Dry gin is an award-winning spirit. It is a delicious blend of nine specially selected botanicals, including pink grapefruit, juniper berries, lime and lavender. These flavours make for a delectable gin that offers notes of juniper spice, fresh citrus and eucalyptus on the palate, with a clean finish.

This gin is perfect on ice, with a splash of premium tonic water finished with a slice of pink grapefruit as a garnish.

Polo Gin

Polo Gin is a handcrafted, small-batch gin that is produced using organic ingredients to create a flavoursome yet smooth drink. Featuring flavours including elderflower, vanilla, cinnamon and cardamon, it truly is a creative gin.

This is a gin that can easily be enjoyed simply ‘on the rocks’ but we think it is perfect with a splash of tonic water and a squeeze of lemon juice, served on ice and finished with a sprig of mint.

Broadway Gin

After a lot of experience retailing a variety of gins, we decided to get creative and create our own. Following months of experimentation, we created Broadway Gin. A smooth and crisp gin, it is full of flavour with base notes of juniper and Orris, an earthiness from angelica, all finished off with hints of citrus and camomile.

We think that our gin is especially delicious when served ‘on the rocks’ with tonic water and garnished with a slice of cucumber or lime if you’d prefer a zestier option.


Kopke Ruby Port

Kopke is an award-winning producer of fortified wines and is the oldest port house having been established in 1683. This port from them is a brilliant ruby red colour and offers smoky notes on the nose, with layers of dried fruits that offer a richness that is just the right amount of sweetness.

This port is perfect when served with a cheese board or perhaps with some baked camembert with rosemary.

Fuerheerds LBV Port

Meaning ‘late bottled vintage’ this LBV port is produced using different grape varieties that are stored in barrels for between 4-6 years. It offers intense fruity notes with aromas such as cassis, chocolate and blackberries, with a slightly herbaceous note and a smooth finish.

We think that this port is a delicious pairing for a beef dinner or a fruity dessert.

Churchill’s Port Set

Churchill’s is an independent British port house that produces a range of ports and wines. This gift set is a great way to experience a selection of their ports. This set includes their complex Dry White, their fruity & well-balanced Reserve Ruby and their classic 10-year-old Tawny.

These ports are brilliant when served with fruity or chocolate desserts as well as on its own, on ice.


Pedro Ximenez 12yr

Crafting award-winning sherries since 1877, Williams and Humbert have created this 12-year Pedro Ximenez sherry. Dark mahogany in colour, it features deep aromas of raisins, figs and toffee, with a smooth, velvety and sweet finish.

This sherry is great either served on its own or with a sweet dessert.

Alegria Manzanilla 

Aged for over 5 years under a naturally occurring layer of yeast, this sherry is full of flavour and offers aromas of yeast and nuttiness. It is made using 100% Palomino and there is an unmistakable flavour of manzanilla with salty notes. It is dry on the palette and is a great pale straw colour.

We think that this would be great served with fish or savoury snacks.

Amontillado 12yr

Another option from Williams and Humbert, this sherry features intense and complex notes of the fino sherry it used to be. It is elegant and mellow with hints of dried nuts and full-bodied flavours and a long finish.

This would be fantastic on its own as an aperitif or as a pairing with cheese, ham or seafood.


We hope that you have enjoyed these suggestions and find something that will help you get into the Christmas spirit this festive season.

Please remember that if you wish to order any of these spirits, please place your order before Monday 21st December to make sure you’ll receive it before Christmas day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!