Pinot Grigio Case

Pinot Grigio Case

RRP: £51.60


2 x Villa Benizi Pinot Grigio

This pinto grigio is produced in the Italian province of Treviso, land that has a rich history of winemaking. It’s safe to say that this Villa Benizi Pinot Grigio certainly lives up to the region it comes from.

2 x La Delfina Pinot Grigio

La delfina Pinot Grigio – Lovely pale straw in colour with gentle white flowers and almonds on the nose. It offers a clean and fresh palate with apple and melon flavours on the finish.

2 x R&R Pinot Grigio

We have travelled the globe to bring in some of the world’s most popular wines and varietals in the memorable and beautifully designed R&R range, selecting the very best so that you don’t have to.