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Little Oak Sparkling

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At Little Oak Vineyard we aim to produce wine of the highest possible quality (read that as the nicest possible to drink!), that is irrespective of how much hard work it takes.

We will not compromise quality to save a little on the cost of production, we feel the vineyard’s superb wine justifies such a ruthless attitude.

Quality in all respects is our goal, rather than just returning a simple profit from the vineyard.

If we wanted to compromise then we would have chosen grape varieties that are easier to grow and cultivate in British climates. The main grape we grow (Siegerrebe) produces a unique and very special wine (the grapes are very different when grown in other climates), the wine produced by these grapes in Britain is simply superb.

The principal grape (Seyval Blanc) we use for our sparkling wine is more difficult to grow than usual varieties used to produce sparkling wines.  Whilst the sparkling wine it produces is outstanding, we have gone a step further and blended it with a small amount of our Siegerrebe grapes to produce our own fantastic sparkling wine!

Our sparkling wine is produced in the traditional method by double fermentation. A crisp dry wine, lots of fizz and a subtle but refreshing nose formed by the blending of our Seyval Blanc and Siegerrebe grapes, creating a bright, vibrant sparkling wine with fine bubbles and delicate floral aromas.
Winner of the bronze award in the Decanter 2019 World Wine Awards.

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